Will I be layd off?

Yes, we are forced to lay every staff involved temporarily

It is possible to take vacation?

Yes, but you will not receive dagpenger

Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?


How long will the situation persist?

We do not now. Please visit our web site to find information

What happens if my plane is refused to land in my home country?

You have to fix this yourself. The company is not responsible for this

Form NAV 04-08.04

This form is not to be sent when laid off due to Corona

Information regarding confirmation regarding employment is copy of your contract

Will I get any advance on salary or holiday money?

No, because of the serious situation we have laid off all personnel and only absolutely necessary services will be provided in the time of the emergency condition lasts

Do I get a salary while I’m in quarantine?

When you are in quarantine, according to information from the authorities, you are entitled to sickness benefits and must therefore contact a doctor to obtain a sick leave.